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As of January 2021, Level Up Insights, LLC is ready to onboard customers. I took the months of November and December to gather some ideas and also launch Level Up Insights, LIFT group in LinkedIn. This group is a closed group with clients and friends who I have had the honor to work with and partake in their career journey. The idea of the group is to lift each other and seek a second or even third opinion. To have a specific network that knows and understands what is like to be in that job seeking position and the questions that come up through that job hunting journey.

My hope with this is to change lives one resume at a time, and of course, "one conversation at a time" as one of my favorite book author says. Motivation, self awareness and mindfulness is important for me. And when it comes to putting yourself out there and on paper, how you feel inside matters, a lot. The work I do is holistic and complete. I do not let go of your hand until you feel excited to take the plunge!

I am ready when you are.

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