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In time of summer sickness

Sitting in my room, overlooking my backyard and I can overhear the party my neighbors are having. I can see a bounce house and a tent. Great music playing. Beautiful sunny afternoon.

My body is achy. My voice is scratchy. Torn between sitting outside to take in the fresh air or just staying where I am. Comfortable on my chair in my room with my sparkly water. In time of sickness one tends to reflect on things, in life. Right?

This summer went by fast. We had a good amount of fun. Had the chance to travel with the girls. had an outstanding time in NYC and Jersey in May. Been at the beach a few times and received a surprise visit from my mom and older brother with my niece and nephew. That was the best. Cannot really complain about how our summer has gone. School starts next week. The grind cycle will begin once more.

Shakira is playing now. Makes me want to dance.

Had been working extra hours the past few months. It has taken my attention away from resumes. I don't like that. But will be getting myself back on track. I have two prospective clients which is great. I need to get back in the groove. My last client success was a BIG one. I want more of those. I want to continue elevating others. Opening their eyes into their own greatness. Ah, what a feeling!

For the moment I need to focus on getting my body back to health. I'll probably spend time with Netflix and call it a day. Why not? I am always on the go. Maybe my body is telling me I need to slow down. I will. I'll place focus inward for a while. After all, one has to be whole in other to serve others, right?

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