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Staying Busy

I've never really liked using the word "busy." It is such a catch all phrase, "I've been so busy." But what does that really mean? Probably distracted is what we really mean. Paying attention to social media nonsense, texting family and friends, watching too much TV, going out to restaurants, being tired, neglecting chores here and there, and of course, working. Working a lot, working very hard, and staying busy.

With the reopening of the things, we slowly but surely start to get back to that "busy life." Sigh. I don't want to and certainly do not look forward to that busy life. It sucks the essence out of you. It takes away personal time magic because it gets everyone distracted.

Either way, aside of that fluff, my hustle gained a little momentum. I've been working on resumes like never before! Helping friends and colleagues step onto their next level. I could not be happier. I am doing my thing and it feels so good. I am in my zone, in my place, in my moment.

I am getting more creative at finding inspiration and staying focused. I am determined to nurture this. To nurture me. I am present for me, and most importantly, for you.

If you do plan on staying busy however, go out there and be AMAZING.

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