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I was Ready

2022 started with a bang!

I received an interview invitation that ultimately became the job offer I dreamed of! Yes, I put in my resignation and became an official member of "The Great Resignation" or "The Great Reshuffle" as other analysts call it. I sensed the change was coming. It was inevitable. The energy I put out to the universe was returned, with sparkles.

I was READY. Yes, all caps. Very intentional. I was mentally open and prepared to receive opportunities. I gave myself the chance for change. I can only recommend that you open yourself to an opportunity as well. Just crack the door open a little bit. Let the breeze make its way to you, your skin. Feel it. Embrace it. When you are ready for more, open that door full swing and make yourself present. Do it. It is liberating. The excitement will carry you through. I promise. You will not look back.


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