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Priority Vortex

So many things. So little time. So we think.

There are many angles I can take this thought that is running through my body. Not just my head. And I say that intentionally, because the stress I choose to live under is reflected physically. Stress is a choice. Most times, a conscious choice.

We choose to do things, or not do things. We choose to say things or not say things. We choose to make decisions or not make decisions. I know you get the picture, but the point is that we often times live in our subconscious self and fail to be present, in the present. Somehow we end up feeling stressed because we want to do all things, but cannot be present in all, all the time. It is a competition for attention and that is stressful. Not feeling accomplished can be stressful.

If we were present in the present, we would choose differently. We would be more mindful and careful about what we do or don't do. How we choose to spend our time. Time keeps moving. It makes us older, wiser, or not. All because of how we spend our time. With who. Doing what. Work, family, friends, side hustle, tik tok? We often choose diversion. It results in stress.

All we find important. It is a priority vortex. It is all absorbed by our body and mind. Our family and friends. To be present, or not to be present. That is the question.

I choose health. I choose to be present.

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