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Lots of things have been taking place in the Hagan household. My husband purchased a business and we have been dedicating all our attention and efforts to build content and push out some marketing materials. In the world of landscaping, there are a lot of similarities in the business approach, so we are trying to differentiate ourselves a little. Or a lot. Probably a lot.

In the meantime, I have continued to publish weekly material in my LinkedIn group. I am really enjoying doing that and sharing thoughts with the world. At the moment, I am in my creative zone and feeling inspired. I cannot tell you how much I love being in this place. Background music, soft tunes, silence elsewhere, opaque lighting, just me, my thoughts, my music and my computer. This is the place to be! There is something about Sunday evenings that transport me to my creative zone. I love it!

I am still thinking of my domain name and building the website. Soon enough I will get it done. Did I mention that I am also working on a project with one of my best friends? I am not sure how my brain is not completely saturated. How have I not lost my mind with all the work I signed myself up to do? But the thing is, when you feel inspired and you are motivated, you just do it. Things flow out of you and it does not feel like work. If only I could be in this place all the time. That would be amazing. Perhaps it is the very thing I am working towards, both intentionally and unintentionally. I need to make it more intentional. I'll work on that.

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